Our Story

A lot of businesses have really cool or inspiring beginnings. Stories of companies beginning over a round of drinks, or college roommates, or best friends who had always known they would start a business together.

Yeah, that's not us.

Wood's Floral & Gifts has been a part of the Fond du Lac community since 1916, named after the original owners. It's passed hands a few times since then, to current-day owners Rick and Dave. They had known each other for years (their wives are first cousins). Around 1990-sh, while discussing their work lives over drinks at a local restaurant's holiday party, they discovered neither was particularly happy with their jobs. Dave looked at Rick and dropped a "well, what if we went into business together?" into the conversation. Rick looked at him like he was crazy...

And then nothing happened.

For a couple years.

The idea was floating in the back of their minds as they went about their lives. When the opportunity to buy into the store presented itself, the two decided to go into business. 

So while the current store ownership has rather unremarkable beginnings, it is a journey we've been on since November of 1993. Since the beginning, we've considered our customers our friends. We are here to help you celebrate the happy occasions, sympathize with the sad ones, and get through the hard ones. From the local high school arts programs and Fondy Idol, to local veterans and Relay for Life, we're proud to help support our community's organizations and work together to reach goals. We are also active participants in the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership, working to improve our little corner of the world.

We don't ask you to support our small business because of our size. We prefer to stand on our own merit, toe-to-toe with the big guys, and ask you to support us because of who we are, what we stand for, the connections we share, and the unique value we can provide. 

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Rick • Owner/Designer Dave • Owner Carolann • Designer Deanna • Delivery Driver
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Julie • Designer Karen • Delivery Driver Marlene • Customer Service  Sheryl • Customer Service

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